Launch Alert! Harley-Davidson Pan America | An American Adv! What! | PowerDrift

Harley-Davidson has had a tough time in the recent past with falling sales. It’s led to far-reaching changes in how the company looks at products as well as markets. For example, Hero MotoCorp now runs H-D in India. And for another, could you have imagined a Harley Adv 3-4 years ago? A bike with no chrome, a tall seat, variable valve timing and electronic suspension control? Amazing, really. The Pan America is out and now, it’s on sale in India. Shumi has all the details you need to know on the bike that’s built to bring new customers to Harley as well as take the fight to the likes of the BMW R 1250 GS, Ducati Multistrada and the Honda Africa Twin 1100!

Footage Courtesy : Harley-Davidson

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  • PowerDrift
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    What do you think about the new Pan America 1250? Let us know below, and hit that Like button if we should make a ride review!

  • Shafiq Ahmed

    Shafiq Ahmed

    महीने पहले

    @Naveen Arur h=hu=hejhh3u Mukhya 67666y78777i7ii

  • Shafiq Ahmed

    Shafiq Ahmed

    महीने पहले


  • Kanakapudi Nagaiah

    Kanakapudi Nagaiah

    महीने पहले

    @INstatus LOOK h

  • Laxman Chetri

    Laxman Chetri

    महीने पहले

    Uljhy hb b

  • Vivek Kumar

    Vivek Kumar

    महीने पहले


  • Karthi Krishna
    Karthi Krishna4 दिन पहले

    Pls review the bike

  • vivek vijaybhai
    vivek vijaybhai5 दिन पहले

    Yes i m really excited about pan American

  • Nmtruth
    Nmtruth24 दिन पहले

    Thanks for a great update man. I’m looking at buying an adventure bike soon and the Pan America is really up there on my options list. A comfortable ride is my main concern cause I’m getting old and plan on doing long trips, afcourse some mild off-roading abilities would be nice for Indian roads. When you do do your test drive could you please compare it to the GS and Tiger and tell us what you honestly think? Thanks!

  • Narasimha Peddapalli
    Narasimha Peddapalli29 दिन पहले


  • Laki Nang
    Laki Nangमहीने पहले

    Its an ugly bike but its that kind of bike that grows on you.

  • Vikramsinh Dantkale
    Vikramsinh Dantkaleमहीने पहले

    45° V is traditional

  • Antu meena
    Antu meenaमहीने पहले

    Africa twice ya hd amrican pan...?

    VSPA TMXमहीने पहले

    @shumar Start a podcast buddy. Personal / professional / mix / whatever u want. But start one. Right now ur leaving money on the table.. And that is blasphemy

  • Dark soul 47
    Dark soul 47महीने पहले


  • Pradyumna KR
    Pradyumna KRमहीने पहले

    It's always a 90 degree V twin

  • Nova Visuals
    Nova Visualsमहीने पहले

    For how much I hate HD, I can't help but be impressed by the Pan Am

  • sum mat
    sum matमहीने पहले

    Pause at around 4:24 to see the surprise insert by PD😄.. weird no one noticed it yet 🤔

  • Avishek Dhar
    Avishek Dharमहीने पहले

    Love the way it's look .. different 💗

  • Basidh Sajan
    Basidh Sajanमहीने पहले

    Anyways did they fix the oil leak?

  • ranju muskan
    ranju muskanमहीने पहले


  • milind soni
    milind soniमहीने पहले

    They just made a perseverance with ingenuity under its belly 😂,, Weird,,🤔

  • Jentiya Amer
    Jentiya Amerमहीने पहले

    45 degrees

  • Vaibhaw Chaurasia
    Vaibhaw Chaurasiaमहीने पहले

    Shumi's hairstyle be like... Bro I've come here to get a haircut but have brought half the money, could something be done? Barber- Say no more!

  • Syed Aftab
    Syed Aftabमहीने पहले

    T wax homework

  • Harry Dhindsa ibps
    Harry Dhindsa ibpsमहीने पहले

    Of cgqo

  • Aju Abraham
    Aju Abrahamमहीने पहले

    We need KTM 890 Adv in India...😤😤😤

    DNX RIDERमहीने पहले

    in terms of looks i seriously didn't loved the headlamps look other things looks to be promising

  • Mukesh Solanki
    Mukesh Solankiमहीने पहले

    Change is always welcome Shumi. Certainly would love to see how it does on Indian terrain.

  • Madhurjya Rajkonwar
    Madhurjya Rajkonwarमहीने पहले

    I really liked this motorcycle.

  • Nihal Nehrotra
    Nihal Nehrotraमहीने पहले

    45° Angle for V-Twin Engines

  • Keshab Mondal
    Keshab Mondalमहीने पहले

    Ummmm............ it's unique

  • shameek mahabal
    shameek mahabalमहीने पहले

    Typically harley does 45 degree v-twins

  • neil
    neilमहीने पहले

    haha it is 45 degrees - the 'traditional' and most-used Harley Davidson piston angles

  • Sachin Chirmule
    Sachin Chirmuleमहीने पहले

    Company going banch Mark to advechar tourer bike

  • sandeep p
    sandeep pमहीने पहले

    TRUTH OR DARE? Shumi: Dare *shave the sides of your head* shumi: fuck.

  • Moto Suriya
    Moto Suriyaमहीने पहले

    Engine bore pitch to pitch angle is what you mentioned as 60-degree twin cylinder engine, is that right?

  • Nihil Sunil
    Nihil Sunilमहीने पहले

    60's the angle between the pistons.

  • vignesh s
    vignesh sमहीने पहले

    cars are moving less than 1000 cc and HD goes more than 1200 cc .. ;)

  • gurpal SINGH
    gurpal SINGHमहीने पहले

    75 degree

  • Swapnil b
    Swapnil bमहीने पहले

    But not a shaft driven

  • niranjan kashyap
    niranjan kashyapमहीने पहले

    Do make a video on all top tier ADVs like a video for 250cc which u did

  • Adhityan Sridharan
    Adhityan Sridharanमहीने पहले

    45 degree V-Twins right?

  • odinokiy volk voin
    odinokiy volk voinमहीने पहले

    harley traditional 45 degrees

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharmaमहीने पहले

    All traditional Harley's have 45degree v twins!!

  • Ajit Dubey
    Ajit Dubeyमहीने पहले


  • Hatim Matiwala
    Hatim Matiwalaमहीने पहले

    What is the price (announced or anticipated)? Service intervals?

  • Jeetendra Shende
    Jeetendra Shendeमहीने पहले

    this is perhaps the ugliest HD ever..... will fall on its face... especially in India... !!

  • Jeetendra Shende
    Jeetendra Shendeमहीने पहले

    journalists and media houses should refuse to review products unless actually seen or had a ride on it..... this is one of the worst methods of journalism when you r basically reading out form a mfg.s spec sheet n making assumptions.... not something I expected shumi or power drift would ever do..... !!!

  • Jeetendra Shende

    Jeetendra Shende

    महीने पहले

    @Brendon Fernandes 👏👏👏

  • Brendon Fernandes

    Brendon Fernandes

    महीने पहले

    @Jeetendra Shende Powerdrift mentions a review as a review in all its titles. If you wish to take something which isn't a review as a review then that's on you and you alone. You can't blame Powerdrift for some people lacking comprehension about what a video is supposed to be. Powerdrift clearly titles all reviews so if you wish to ignore logic and reason there is nothing anyone can do.

  • Jeetendra Shende

    Jeetendra Shende

    महीने पहले

    @Brendon Fernandes please see the whole video ..... its not just an launch alert....

  • Brendon Fernandes

    Brendon Fernandes

    महीने पहले

    Please read the headline carefully. Where do you see anywhere a mention of the word review?

  • advait shukla
    advait shuklaमहीने पहले

    45 degree

  • sangeeth suresh
    sangeeth sureshमहीने पहले

    Well the new Harley Davidson pan America 1250 is an intresting looking ADV, front design looks good, very good performance and very good features. waiting for the first ride video on this amazing bike. 🤩🤟. Stay safe guys😊😊.

  • Umesh Verma
    Umesh Vermaमहीने पहले


  • Solitude biker
    Solitude bikerमहीने पहले

    60 degree firing order for the v twin

  • Jithin Joseph
    Jithin Josephमहीने पहले

    And I am a happy engineer who could give inputs in designing the handle bar, tripple clamp, wheels and foot peg of this bike in 2018.

  • Visharad Joshi
    Visharad Joshiमहीने पहले

    We are PD viewer , bike lover , and you think we don't know what 60⁰ means , come on PD Offcourse its the angle between the two connecting rod of engine

    SAHARAWAT HERE'Sमहीने पहले

    Ky india m be sale ho ya nhi or kb

  • Jitu Acharya
    Jitu Acharyaमहीने पहले

    90 degree v twin!

  • Mayukh mukherjee
    Mayukh mukherjeeमहीने पहले

    45degree vtwin

  • Chirag D
    Chirag Dमहीने पहले

    Didn't HD exit suddenly India? How to trust? Service network n support in india would be question....

  • Brendon Fernandes

    Brendon Fernandes

    महीने पहले

    HD the company exited India but their business remained and was taken up by Hero motors. So it was an uninterrupted exit. So their business continued to operate while talks with hero were going on. The transition lead to a few dealers shutting shop but otherwise their business was running just fine

  • Mithun Mohan
    Mithun Mohanमहीने पहले

    Was there no comments on the weight of the motorcycle or did i just miss it ? Being a harley i doubt the weight distribution, Nevertheless great job by shumi and powerdrift ❤️

  • Brendon Fernandes

    Brendon Fernandes

    महीने पहले

    It's a big ass ADV. It's in the same weight as similar ADVs like the Ducati multi strada 1260 or the Ktm adventure 1290 at around 250 kg.

  • The Perspective Guy
    The Perspective Guyमहीने पहले

    Angle between the 2 cylinders is 60 degrees

  • Schwantz2Rossi
    Schwantz2Rossiमहीने पहले

    interesting product from a company that discovered "rare & revolutionary technologies" like motorcycle suspension, overhead camshafts, liquid cooling in the late 90s :P

    KRISHNA TEJमहीने पहले

    actually what happened to tiger 1200

  • harsha okin
    harsha okinमहीने पहले

    I think I'll buy this motorcycle in 2025 or 2026 when I'll have to wear my mask and go shooting to survive the zombie apocalypse outside. This one looks right for the part. Harley should sell gun mounts as accessories.

    BIKER GENETICSमहीने पहले

    When does TVS and Bajaj were come with their Adventure models

  • Amitansu Patnaik
    Amitansu Patnaikमहीने पहले

    It can be an exciting entry of Harley! I liked the design pretty well specially the orange one. Highlight part is the Harley print that goes out of tank and extending to headlamp cover👍🏻

  • atso visezo
    atso visezoमहीने पहले

    Damn that headlamp and exhaust😫

  • WulfSoulo
    WulfSouloमहीने पहले

    45 degree V-twin is the traditional engine for Harley-Davidson

  • siddharth mishra
    siddharth mishraमहीने पहले

    What's with Harley Davidson and the number 60 can someone please explain?

  • jiggythehog
    jiggythehogमहीने पहले

    One like only for Sumi 🔥

  • Abhiraam Bharadwaj
    Abhiraam Bharadwajमहीने पहले

    Love the new HD bike, glad they have covered every aspect to make it a modern ADV and compete well in the market. Cheers to HD !!

  • Nishad Abdulkhader
    Nishad Abdulkhaderमहीने पहले

    PD can you please reduce the music extravaganza..we are here not to watch AR Rahman music ..please do consider its really a nuisance and deafening

  • suresh adaveni
    suresh adaveniमहीने पहले

    Traditional harley davidson v-twin is 45°

  • Unstable Mind
    Unstable Mindमहीने पहले

    😜Pan America won't work in India. Pan India might, which is same looks but lighter and no heat issues and a awesomeness roadside assistance. But wait, isn't HD leaving the country 🤔❓ Regards Joy PS. Shummi pulled out his lockdown electric razor and gave it a go. Buwaahahahehehoho 😂

  • Brendon Fernandes

    Brendon Fernandes

    महीने पहले

    If you want no heat issues then go with Yamaha Fz-x. Best suited for Indian touring. :). HD left India. What you see is Hero handling the HD business.

  • Sanjay Gokarn
    Sanjay Gokarnमहीने पहले

    Hi Shumi The only thing constant in this World is Change!! All the Best H-D! Sometimes performance overtakes looks. Let's wait and watch the race!

  • Kaustubh Kadu
    Kaustubh Kaduमहीने पहले

    Is this one launching under the Hero leadership?

  • Kaustubh Kadu

    Kaustubh Kadu

    महीने पहले

    @Brendon Fernandes OK.. Good that they get a blank slate

  • Brendon Fernandes

    Brendon Fernandes

    महीने पहले

    @Kaustubh Kadu Yup. Hero is handling all the back end support to HD Indias business. So from import to service Hero is involved

  • Kaustubh Kadu

    Kaustubh Kadu

    महीने पहले

    @Brendon Fernandes Okay.. I meant under 'Hero Motocorp' thing that HD did few months back

  • Brendon Fernandes

    Brendon Fernandes

    महीने पहले

    Yes. All bikes are direct imports now. No CKD bikes or made in India bikes

  • Vishwa Vihang reddy
    Vishwa Vihang reddyमहीने पहले

    Fatbob headlamps👍 pan America 👎

  • raviraj sonawane
    raviraj sonawaneमहीने पहले

    45 degrees

  • Pratim
    Pratimमहीने पहले

    Make a video about compression ration in powerdrift simplified

  • susobhan maity
    susobhan maityमहीने पहले

    The styling of the front is surely unique and with time it will grow on us.. I feel the designers have taken inspiration from a certain American muscle car.. the way the head tapers backwards at the bottom... It looks pretty neat, simple and unmistakably Harley.

  • mangesh borkar
    mangesh borkarमहीने पहले

    A bike that will change the Fortunes of HD world over. No shame in making products ,what the market demands along with those HD is known for. Amazing ,Unique tank like look, fully loaded , 1250 Cc , 152bhp, 190mm travel, 210mm GC. These are right in the category of the best - BMWGS 1250 and ducati Multistrada v4. The icing on the cake it comes at the price of a Speed triple. Superb.

  • Jayraj B
    Jayraj Bमहीने पहले

    Looking forward to you guys riding the Pan America and comparing it to R1250 GS

  • Jayraj B
    Jayraj Bमहीने पहले

    45 deg V-twin is normal M8

  • Brendon Fernandes

    Brendon Fernandes

    महीने पहले

    All Harley engines were 45 degree V twins. But this one is a 60 degree V twin

  • Amey Naik
    Amey Naikमहीने पहले

    What's with the haircut shumit thats d question i had throughout d video ... One of a kind though👍🏼

  • Roshan D'Souza
    Roshan D'Souzaमहीने पहले

    Shumi you might have missed the most talked about feature of Pan America...Adaptive Rider Height (ARH) which automatically lowers seat height when it comes to a stop...

  • Ayush Thakur 2M

    Ayush Thakur 2M

    महीने पहले

    Yes broo

  • Sheldon Rodrigues
    Sheldon Rodriguesमहीने पहले

    45 degree!

  • Sachin Bainsla
    Sachin Bainslaमहीने पहले

    Harleys used a 45 degree V-Twin configuration engine

  • Protyush Mondal
    Protyush Mondalमहीने पहले


  • Anjelas
    Anjelasमहीने पहले

    It’s like shumi got haircut at home.

  • Sweekar Rathod
    Sweekar Rathodमहीने पहले

    Hi Shumi, please also do a comparison test of PAN-AM vs the other big toys in the segment when you lay your hands on it.

  • Nikhil Wani
    Nikhil Waniमहीने पहले

    60 deg V Tween remind me of street and v rod engine family, and i think you missed one feature of the bike which is adaptable rider suspension hight. When you get the chance to ride the bike please tell us know more about the engine performance specialy how the valves are responding to low and high rpm.

  • Alish Awasthi
    Alish Awasthiमहीने पहले


  • Ujjwal Sharma
    Ujjwal Sharmaमहीने पहले

    Didn't the company leave India ?

  • Brendon Fernandes

    Brendon Fernandes

    महीने पहले

    Yes. The business is now run by Hero

  • Vikram Raj Singh
    Vikram Raj Singhमहीने पहले

    That some aerodynamic hairstyle

  • Yogesh Dhavale
    Yogesh Dhavaleमहीने पहले

    Can anyone explain the " 60 degree engine" thing??

  • shumar


    महीने पहले

    It refers to the angle between the two cylinders. Officially the included angle

  • way too strong
    way too strongमहीने पहले

    What harley did to the head light, u did to ur hair👀 "Don't know what you did there"

  • shumar


    महीने पहले

    Harley’s doing this for the first time. But it’s my go to lockdown haircut

  • aditya joshi
    aditya joshiमहीने पहले


    AHAMMED JURAIJमहीने पहले

    Price matters 😄

  • RØÇKY Dsz
    RØÇKY Dszमहीने पहले

    Disadvantages of having 5'2" hight 🤐🤐

  • Alvin Reji
    Alvin Rejiमहीने पहले

    please avoid that switch board in bg

  • shumar


    महीने पहले

    Can’t! It’s the cleanest well-lit wall in my house. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Jackson Joseph
    Jackson Josephमहीने पहले

    This is what happens when your survival Instinct gets activated. . . Great Job HD❤️🔥

  • Bose
    Boseमहीने पहले

    Looking for a dual sport should I wait or should I get the xpulse

  • shumar


    महीने पहले

    @Bose Hey if you want to wait, I won’t stop you. But if I were 18, I’d want a bike NOW!

  • Bose


    महीने पहले

    @shumar but I'm just 18

  • shumar


    महीने पहले

    Life’s too short. I would never recommend waiting

  • Big Bang
    Big Bangमहीने पहले

    Looks like the Africa Twin got a competitor..

  • Joyesh Karmakar
    Joyesh Karmakarमहीने पहले

    Old school and cruiser bike manufacturing company adds adv on their portfolio. Hmm.....

  • Brendon Fernandes

    Brendon Fernandes

    महीने पहले

    @Joyesh Karmakar Of course. I ride a street naked. Great for short rides and even in the city commutes. But in the highway I face heavy wind blast at speeds over 120 and the suspension has short travel which makes travelling on bad roads a pain in the butt. Advs allow you to travel a lot longer distances at far greater comfort levels. Cruisers are good only for well paved highways. Their poor ground clearance, low performance and poor handling make them illsuited for a country like India where bad roads and winding roads are pretty much a part and parcel of almost every part of India.

  • Joyesh Karmakar

    Joyesh Karmakar

    महीने पहले

    @Brendon Fernandes it can't be helped.. the most famous aspect of biking is freedom. But you loose the freedom on a goldwing when there are bad roads. You shed your freedom of speed when you are out of race tracks. Biker want freedom and adv tourers are enabling them to have freedom of going anywhere on a bike. But not everything is happy happy with advs also. You loose the freedom of nimble movement in a crowded city with the big bad advs.. There's always a tradeoff.

  • Brendon Fernandes

    Brendon Fernandes

    महीने पहले

    Their business model is failing so they are trying different things. Triumph was known for their Bonneville and other retro bikes but their best selling bike is the Tiger and the Street Triple.

  • Debayan Dutta
    Debayan Duttaमहीने पहले

    Personally I love it... It's look something that Terminator or RoboCop might ride...