2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class LWB First Drive Review | PowerDrift

Since 1995, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class has been moving the who's who of India, so much so that it is still the best-selling luxury car in India. The latest generation of the E-Class is known for its LWB or long-wheelbase treatment for added opulence. But it was time for a little nip and tuck. So when the new facelifted 2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class LWB came along, Varun and Ayan go for a little drive to find out if the E-Class is still the king of luxury sedans. While Ayan gets behind the wheel to enjoy the range-topping and powerful E350d variant, Varun enjoys the LWB treatment.

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  • Md Imran

    Md Imran

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    @nayan boro plpo

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    Yu yu yu gi in

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    Not like powerdrift style.... Quality is decreasing

  • pankaj gautam
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    we miss rohan aka ten hut

  • Ashwin M
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    Rohan and Raunak should handle the big guns ..@Powerdrift .

    PRUTHVI NKमहीने पहले

    Guys.. I suggest u also show the interior ambient lighting in the dark when reviewing cars like this.. 👍

  • Easy Throttle
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    Can you provide the link for the background music. Its awesome. Ayan boring. Powerdrift- Great

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    So where is my appreciation ❤️?

  • Aditya Rana
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    Please review zx10r 2021

  • Ameya Chevle
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    Please do a review of triumph trident. Eagerly waiting for it.

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    Gareeb Log Review Karte Hai to Cheap Lagta Hai... quite poor script !

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    Stick to ONE LANGUAGE GUYS 🤦‍♂️

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    Scorpio Lunga 😄

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    Ayan doesn't gel well with PDs standards! Sorry guys needs a lot of work.

  • nishant singh
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    Good work ayan. Getting better.

  • Adil Sabu
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    This doesn't felt like a powerdrift review

    ASHWINI KUMAR KISHAN2 महीने पहले

    Put it in sport+ and aowwww , that was fake af

  • Rohan sb
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    BMW 530d will have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • aditya Joshi
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    Where is rohan... Why he does not give any reviews nw a days

  • Pratik Jadhav
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    PD please don't experiment and lose your uniqueness of old videos

    PALASH CHOUDHURY2 महीने पहले

    My fav sedan is VW Passat Rght now i want sum thng futuristic Tesla Model 3 RWD or C5 Aircross

  • Rohan Gosavi
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    A bit disappointed TBH. The actual customer base of this car is different. The tone of the video and also the overall scripting seems very boyish. Which does not match the product

  • Ishaan Kaushik
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    To be honest exteriors of previous E-class was far more appealing

  • Ishaan Kaushik

    Ishaan Kaushik

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    @Sarfaraj Khan what are you saying?? I am unable to understand

  • Sarfaraj Khan

    Sarfaraj Khan

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    Ok 9 po 900 Oki o po of

  • Sarfaraj Khan

    Sarfaraj Khan

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    P9ø on lin

  • Sarfaraj Khan

    Sarfaraj Khan

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    Ki IOP on a daily in Portland o ok o

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    Something about this new guy that’s not suiting PD.

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    Kitna deti hai ? XD

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    Varun in a car review... wow😄

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    Ayan ghosh is amazing

  • ujjwal chawla
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    Guys you were doing fine, please don’t try to cheapen your reviews just to attract more audiences. Zara ki jacket sasti lagti nhi sasti hi hoti hai! Please create enthusiastic content like you used to! This one was pretty pathetic

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  • Alok Sahu
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    Please guys don't spoil the videos please 🙏🏻

  • Vivek Shah
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    Superbly Explained! Music was Spot on, great work. Chao! 🔥

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  • viraj sawant
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    Honestly, have been following PD for years now and got hooked onto to the channel for the sheer reason that you didn't have reviews like these. Baburao comparisons, Aukaat as a word being used, comparing the torque numbers of a Mercedes and Fortuner, seriously! Respect the fact that you might be trying to target a new audience with this so called Zara jacket wearing reviewer, but honestly at this rate, you lose out your loyal audience for sure. Do reconsider, who hosts the episodes, especially when you are reviewing premium cars.

  • Amit CR
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    I really thought it was a sasti jacket .. !!! 😁 That line did fit ✌🏻

  • anveksha Ramteke
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  • Sir Bennett
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    Play brown munde... Mercedes : I'm sorry Lolol

  • Zaq
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    Wooooowwwww. That is one gorgeous car ❤️❤️❤️

  • vivek subhash
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    Ayan is getting better but probably needs a bit more time before you guys let him do long reviews... I'm not hooked to the video like usual.. I'm forcing myself to watch it out of necessity

  • Sinus Lebastian
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    The quality of PDs reviews have taken a HUGE hit in the past couple of months. I think in the hopes of going mainstream you guys are diluting the "wow factor" that got you famous and seperated you from the conventional automotive media channels in the first place. Don't lose your uniqueness in the hopes of becoming mainstream PD. Maintain your authenticity and you'll attract the right kind of audience. Your loyal fan since 2017.

  • K R
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    Bring us the comparison of the new E and 6gt And thsi review ❤❤

  • sridhar srinivasan
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    Ayan is picking up, need to loosen up a bit and chill like PDARMY Fantastic Merc !!

  • jasho mahanta
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    I want Varun's shirt, its looking so cool.🔥

  • limitless person
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    There is lots of other auto channels but why i use power drift cause its own identity nd that missing in this video 3/10 👎

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  • Oneplus 5t
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    Dude zara sasti hi hoti hai. Haha see where people in west visit.

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    Show us car not those 2 idiots !

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    Stop bending forward with every word dude (brown jacket)..... feels akward .

  • Sambit Das
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    PD please don't experiment. Leave the cars to Raunak, he is the best you've got

  • Mustafa Golwala

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    Rohan for cars.

  • Kamdew Rana

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  • jegan R.S
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    This looked like a generic Indian car review .... an afterthought looking video from pd which disappoints me

  • Sourabh Marje
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    Sexy car🔥 Awesome PD ♥️

    NIKUL GAJJAR2 महीने पहले

    This Cartoon will bring sales down of E Class...

    NIKUL GAJJAR2 महीने पहले

    Even Rahul Gandhi looks better then this Ayan.... 🤣🤣🤣😂

    NIKUL GAJJAR2 महीने पहले

    I started up the video and this Chutiya Ayan Cartoon came..

  • Shinoy V Kutty
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    As bland as it can get. . .Wheres the energy...Wheres Rohan ?!!

  • Pramit Kankonkar
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    We are waiting for shumi"s car review

  • Kushagra Singh
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    merc now looks very girlish

  • dony varghese
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    When we click to Powerdrift we expect power !! To deliver that power we need Rohan on the screens - No hard feelings brothers.!!! Rohan there’s an upcoming launch of S class from Mercedes by this Aug. kindly don’t disappoint us.

  • Nagabushanamma Chowdary

    Nagabushanamma Chowdary

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    Ńkkkkkkkk is a few million years ago I 1 5th and a lot

  • Veeresh Jagade
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    Ground clearance??

  • Aditya Ch
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    Albal got COVID?

  • Sudhanshu Singh
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    Something's not working out. Please reconsider.

  • nadesh biju
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    Can we get black on black?

  • belson koshy
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    The blue interior is a bit out of place..

  • Mitrashis Basuroy
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    Ayan is fun✌🏽

  • Nikhil Menon
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    Please stick to English, please.

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    Brother ❤️ Jst 🔥

  • rohan tikhe
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    Want comparison between this and 6GT

  • Satish Mahankuda
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    Bring the other Bong back! 😑

  • Abhishek Bhattacharya
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    Every NON AMG Merc is not up to the mark...

  • Swapnil Raut
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    18 inch wheels looks a bit small for that size of a car imo.. Rest of it looks amazing. Except the fake vents and exhausts of course.

  • Samarth Sharma
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    Red button for WW lll.. Certainly not a car for Kim Jong then..🤣😅

  • Krishna Karthik
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    I’m hitting the like button just because Varun Painter took the effort to review a car and he did a good job at it ❤️👏🏻🤘🏽😊

  • Manjunath
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    Is it me or does anyone feel, ayans body language reminds us of aamir khan.. .

  • kk
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    i hate that new guy

  • Lalit Khillare
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    A Like to the videographer❤

  • Hariharan Senthilkumar
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    Varun what the hell are you doing here

  • Akash Kaushik
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    Car review is another thing but shooting a video in full sleeves and jacket it must have been very difficult in this summer😂

  • Karthik Rathinasamy
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    Hate the new guy please kick him out

  • tanishq dhingra
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    Yeah naya baccha nepotism ki vjah se aaya hai lagta hai

  • Priyesh
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    Feels better at 1.25x

  • Mithun John Jacob
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    Ayan is way too boring...Kindly bring back the old oomph!

  • Pramit Kankonkar
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    Next we will sumi in car video

  • Mani Maran Elavarasan
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    Why ruin all good car reviews by mixing languages. Why can’t you stick with a single language? Even after so many negative comments in previous review...why?

  • Ben Stewart

    Ben Stewart

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    Yes, even I was enjoying this cannel solely for the English content they publish. EDIT: Might be they are like the car manufacturers themselves pushing the products anyways even when we express our opinion.

  • Syed Adnan
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    Ciao !

  • Straight talk no nonsense
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    Smile of genuine enjoyment can be seen in varun's face while reviewing backseat of the car.

  • siddhesh gawde
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    Hey PowerDrift thanks for listening and having Ayan regularly in videos... Thanks✌️

  • Vaibhaw Chaurasia
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    In just don't get over the fact why this guys over act every time....either u give him shorter say in videos or completely replace him🙄. Ps. I am talking about Ayan

  • atso visezo
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    Devi prasaad😂 i died🤣

  • Viraj Dave
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    Lekin kya yeh speed breaker k upar se ja sakti hai?

  • Gagan U R
    Gagan U R2 महीने पहले

    Comparing E Class's 600Nm Torque to Fortuner's 500 Nm Torque doesn't seem fair

  • Gagan U R
    Gagan U R2 महीने पहले

    Happy to see Varun in a car review ❤️

  • Varun Painter

    Varun Painter

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  • Kannan P R
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    Could you always stick to English only like always PD!

  • RahulRaj - Tech n Trends
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    Interior feels like a premium bathroom interior? :P

  • Nilesh Powar
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    awesome review,,,awesome pairing..keep it up guys

  • vaibhav chhapparghare
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    ahh ha shot in Pune Baner Balewadi highStreet, awesome Video

  • Saurabh Warudkar
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    It just looks like a A- class....there is so little differentiation now.

  • Krushang
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    Brown Munde is burning on Internet

  • Rahul Gupta
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    3:09 😂. Briwn munde

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    I miss rohan’s review 😔😔

  • Supratim Saha
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    “Way above my pay grade”... sums it up!